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Equipment : Pinkerton
This will eventually have "official information, but for now its all guesses! Send your guesses, and have em posted
Pinkerton Equipment - User Submitted
"Brian was using a thinline telecaster while recording his guitar parts on pinkerton as many know. Specifics on this i'm not sure of, but i think it's a vintage Fender thinline. The equipment page says that around 1995 Brian got a vintage Marshall MK2 Master Model 100 watt Lead head, and i'm almost positive he recorded with this through a marshall tall 4x12.
Now for Rivers equipment. It is a widely known fact that Rivers, along with Brian, records only with Gibson guitars and marshall amps. Rivers used Ocasek's '55 Gibson les paul special double cutaway on the blue album. After recording the blue album, he went out and bought himself a 1958 les paul junior (not double cutaway). It turned out to be a 70's reissue les paul junior, but it sounded extremely nice. It sounded so nice that rivers recorded Pinkerton with this guitar.
It says on the equipment page that around 1995, Rivers picked up a 1992 Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100LM amp. This is the amp that Karl rearranged the Marshall letters to spell "Weezer". I'm pretty sure that Rivers used this amp because it was his main amp for the time. He settled on the yellow channel.
I included a picture of Rivers with the les paul junior and Brian with the thinline tele while they were recording Pinkerton. In the back, you can see the neck of what looks to be a Fender Jaguar. It is possible that the jaguar was used to record clean guitar parts.
Minor note: I'm almost positive Rivers recorded with a NYC re-issue electro harmonix big muff distortion pedal."
-Jamie Afridi
this has been a presentation - October 4th, 2002