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Contact the guilty parties....
aim: Rivers Cuomo 996
.com Boards: =w=Rivers
Webmaster, E-mail or AIM me about anything related to the site! Any suggestions, or information, or questions you have are more then welcome!
email: aim: EL Scorcho 6794 My partner in crime. Thank him for finding alot of the images, and info on the equipment. Thankfully we both had the same idea, and luckly met and put this together! If you have any info that you want us to know about, tell him, or if your looking for something that your not seeing, email him!
Resident Experts...
aim: KG2A3
.com Boards: ???
Our first Resident Expert. Seems to know a ton about the recording of the albums. He is also in the process of building a copy of the blue guitar (no this doesn't mean the guitar from the blue album, its a blue warmoth strat copy). He is a real nice guy too!
aim: Greg1983
.com Boards: Greg1983
Great guy. Knows alot about equipment. Has helped me find more and more info on Weezer's equipment. Also knows alot about theater too!
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